Fully automated testing and change detection for NetSuite

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Why Automate

From rushing to fix issues introduced by the latest deployments to working nights and weekends to support semi-annual upgrades, we know the headaches of maintaining customizations in your ERP.  Now there's a better way.

Test Once

You have a business to run, you don't have time to babysit your ERP. We automate your testing so that you test once and only once.

About Us

Built by NetSuite Certified Administrators and Developers with over a decade of experience implementing, customizing, and supporting the SuiteCloud Platform.

Automate your testing in 3 steps

Step 1: Press Record

Defining a test case is as simple as typing a name and clicking "Record"

Step 2: Test your Customization

Are you testing sales orders? Create a sales order!

Step 3: Never Test Again

Assertology will automatically send you email notifications if the process ever breaks or if the data ever changes.

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