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Automatically Generate Test Plans with Assertology

Now printing detailed test plans with the click of a button!

Assertology Automated Testing for NetSuite, the SuiteApp that introduced business users to test automation, now provides a detailed step-by-step printout of recorded test cases. Conforming to the IEEE 829 standard for software and system test documentation, the comprehensive test plan includes:

  1. Test Plan Identifier

  2. Introduction

  3. Test Items

  4. Features To Be Tested

  5. Features Not To Be Tested

  6. Approach

  7. Item Pass/Fail Criteria

  8. Suspension Criteria And Resumption Requirements

  9. Test Deliverables

  10. Testing Tasks

  11. Environmental Needs

  12. Responsibilities

  13. Staffing And Training Needs

  14. Schedule

  15. Risks And Contingencies

  16. Approvals

To learn more about how to automate testing of scripts, workflows, integrations, and more in just 5 minutes, request your free trial of Assertology Automated Testing for NetSuite today!

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