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Automate Testing for Web Services and Integrations with Assertology

The more systems, integrations, and points of failure involved in your business processes, the more essential a reliable QA process becomes. Follow this guide to effortlessly automate web services and integrations inside your automated test cases.

For this example, we'll walk through automating the following business process:

  1. A sales representative creates a customer record.

  2. A sales representative creates an estimate for the new customer.

  3. Another user invokes a Suitelet to create a sales order from the new estimate.

As always, we'll follow the Assertology 3 step process:

Step 1: Press Record

Name your test case, select the record type to start out with, and click the red "Start Recording" button to get started.

Step 2: Test Your Customization

As usual, test the customization as you would manually. Start out with the customer record and then proceed with an estimate for that customer, verifying the expected behavior along the way.

When you arrive at the Suitelet step, insert a new step in the test case recording by navigating to ASSERTOLOGY > SCENARIOS > TEST STEPS > NEW.

For the STEP TYPE, select "Integration:"

On the Integration tab, specify the Suitelet URL, web request method, content type, and post data. The post data is processed as a FreeMarker template and may reference data from records in earlier test steps using variables step1...stepn.

If authentication is required, specify authentication credentials on the Authentication tab. Please note that RESTlets support both token-based and credentials-based authentication whereas Suitelets only support user credentials.

Click "Stop Recording" and your integration test case has been fully automated!

Step 3: Never Test Again

That's it - Assertology will automatically notify you if the process ever breaks, or the data ever changes.

To learn more about how to automate testing of scripts, workflows, integrations, and more in just 5 minutes, request your free trial of Assertology Automated Testing for NetSuite today!

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