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Introducing the Assertology Issue Reporting Community

This weekend, a number of our clients started encountering the following error in scheduled and map/reduce scripts:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.netledger.core.scripting.AmdConfigLoader

Initially each administrator had to investigate and debug the error individually, before eventually determining that it was caused by an intermittent NetSuite defect when SuiteScript 2.0 user event scripts were triggered from within a scheduled or map/reduce script.

Starting today, we're eliminating this redundant investigative effort and rolling out the opt-in Assertology Issue Reporting Community. With our community, your organization will realize a number of benefits:

  1. Errors encountered by multiple community members simultaneously will automatically be flagged as suspected NetSuite defects.

  2. When NetSuite Support files a defect on behalf of one community member, that defect will automatically be linked to relevant failed test executions for all community members. Even organizations with self-service NetSuite Support can benefit from the shared reporting capabilities of the community.

  3. The number of community members experiencing the issue can be used to support escalation of high priority defects.

Stop wasting time diagnosing NetSuite defects - join the Assertology Issue Reporting Community today!

To learn more about how to automate testing of scripts, workflows, integrations, and more in just 5 minutes, request your free trial of Assertology Automated Testing for NetSuite today!

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