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Confirm NetSuite Mandatory Fields and Permission Restrictions with Assertology

You can now validate mandatory field and permission restrictions with Assertology by recording negative test cases. Let's walk through an example together.

In our demo account, we have a workflow that conditionally requires the Phone Number field on Phone Call records. Once a time has been reserved for a phone call, the Phone Number field becomes required:

To test the mandatory field requirement, we're going to record a new test case for Phone Call records and mark the test case as a negative test case:

While recording, we're going to specify a reserved time for our phone call which should trigger the workflow and then attempt to save the phone call record without specifying a phone number. As expected, the workflow prevents the phone call record from saving without a phone number:

At this point, we have completed our test case recording. We can click the Stop Recording button and the system will generate our test case.

If we look into the recorded test case, we'll notice that Assertology automatically detected the expected error message.

Now, if we turn off the workflow and run the test case, it will identify that the required field validation is not running as expected. Notice the message that the expected error did not occur and the associated error code, NEG_TEST_FAILED.

To learn more about how to automate testing of scripts, workflows, integrations, and more in just 5 minutes, request your free trial of Assertology Automated Testing for NetSuite today!

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